Tails of a Mermaid


Can you swim while menstruating? trials and tribulations of a competitive swimmer

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Lazy to Lauferin

Fitness Inspiration

chronicles of a chubby middle aged mum striving for health, fitness & happiness

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fitness inspiration

All about running, why it's great exercise and how to get started...

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Complete Guide to Football

The history, heritage, rules of the sport and the reasons for this being one of the world's most popular sports...

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Menstruation the Mysteries and Taboos dispelled

Menstruation matters

What is menstruation? How does it affect participation in sport? Why you need to know...

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5 reasons to support Trussell Trust


Five things you probably didn't know and why KuuCup supports this awesome charity...

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Just a chubby, middle-aged mum, trying to stay in shape.

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