Keeping Women in Sport

Tackling Period Poverty

Reducing Menstrual Waste

Keeping Women in Sport

We’re committed to:

  • Supporting women and girls in sport
  • Tackling period poverty
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Working with the people who actually use our products

How we are doing this:

  • Recruiting a test team of users who participate in a range of leisure activities/sports
  • Supporting charities such as Trussell Trust and Women in Sport, to provide access to menstrual cups for families in poverty
  • Providing sustainable products and working towards operations meeting ISO 14001
  • Actively asking for consumer feedback via our website and other channels

running whlle using a menstrual cup

Running on your period

Why its a great idea and how your menstrual cycle will effect your performance.

Educating blokes about periods

Educating blokes about periods

Why we'd all better off if men knew more about periods.


On the rag and other euphemisms

How do we describe our periods?

What people are saying...

I'll be honest, I thought the idea of a menstrual cup was gross! Why would anyone want to deal with that in a public toilet?

I wish someone had told me sooner that you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours!

A super tampon rarely lasted 2 hours, now I've got my freedom back and it's not gross at all!

I've been using KuuCup for a few months now, it's not the first brand I've tried but it's really comfortable and the larger capacity saves me from worrying.

I'll be sticking with KuuCup in future!

I wanted to try reusable alternatives for ages but was worried that it might be uncomfortable as my periods are really light. Turns out a none absorbent alternative is a blessing, it doesn't matter that my flow is light, KuuCup is really comfortable to insert and remove, no more dry tampons to deal with for me!