Cheshire Startup “KuuCup Ltd” Launch Virtual Fitness

Challenge for Trussell Trust Foodbanks

KuuCup Ltd is an exciting local start-up launched during the first UK Nationwide Lockdown. Recognising the links between a shortage of women in sport and youth period poverty, KuuCup’s founders set out to develop sustainable, affordable solutions that enable women to maintain healthy active lifestyles without being hindered during their time of the month.

“The announcement of a second nationwide lockdown immediately made us question how people will cope with another month, or longer, of isolation and lack of exercise, particularly given that our inclement weather makes using outdoor spaces especially challenging.”

We’ve been working with local partners to design a 30 day fitness programme to suit complete beginners, intermediate and advanced participants. The programme comprises of activities that can be completed in a very small space indoors and utilises every day objects that we expect most people will have to hand.

Not only will participants receive:

EVERY entry will raise enough money to feed a family for a whole day! This will be donated to Trussell Trust Foodbank Network along with 15% of all sales revenue during November and any additional donations that participants wish to make!

You can participate as an individual or household by purchasing an entry at

Participation costs just £10 for individuals or £15 per household and there is an option to make additional donations should participants wish.

Notes to Editors:About KuuCup Ltd.

The inception of KuuCup was motivated by personal frustrations. Why do so many people allow their periods to rule their lives? Why do so many young women drop out of sport? And why in this day and age are 27% of women in the UK affected by period poverty? KuuCup Ltd. is working towards providing free menstrual care products to clients of the Trussell Trust Foodbanks and hope to assist in ending period poverty within the UK. Wanting to go out and explore and not be hindered by mother nature, we discovered the benefits of menstrual cups several years ago. The current market leading brands are very much focused on environmental impact while we wanted to develop something particularly suited to active lifestyles.

The first generation KuuCup launched in October and we believe it is an excellent solution for swimmers, runners, cyclists, climbers and heck even gardeners! We’re currently recruiting a team of product testers to help us further develop our products. Further information about our development programme can be found here: